But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you.
For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge.
Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.
Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried.
May the LORD do so to me and more also
if anything but death parts me from you.”
Ruth 1:16-17

Thursday, June 8, 2017

~Tangling With Summer~

“Summer was here again. Summer, summer, summer. I loved and hated summers. Summers had a logic all their own and they always brought something out in me. Summer was supposed to be about freedom and youth and no school and possibilities and adventure and exploration. Summer was a book of hope. That's why I loved and hated summers. Because they made me want to believe.”
― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Summer has crept quickly into Lane Home Place. Warmth and sunshine lighten the shadows of the day making it impossible for me to sleep past daylight. There is not a reason in the world to be up but my inner clock has not gotten that notice and so out of the bed I get to greet the sunrise and afresh new day!

The heat has not yet gotten unbearable for front porch sitting and reading, with a sweet tea with a slice of lemon close by for quenching my thirst, I spend my days idly and do what catches my fancy. There is no purpose that beckons my attention so I maintain.  My heart, and hands and brain do not like this idleness and rebel with restlessness, encouraging me to make plans, but the desire to strive for something more is just not there.
Before 'Poison Ivy' took me down
Our Gardenia Tree waited for my return home to begin her lovely show of her silky creamy white blossoms with their sweet alluring scent and I am grateful for being present for the blooming. It is my treasure, my child if you will and my constant. When did it become such a cherished part of our family? It has been around for 20 years or more now. Reminding me of a funny family story, said to our Mama, Muriel Rose Engle Johnson, by our daughter Amy Lane Germano, when she was close to elementary school age, she always would do overnight's at her Granny and Papa's house in Clinton and it was usually for two nights and then she would come home ( which was at her request) and then perhaps she would go again the next week. She had received a silky cover-up and night gown when she was a toddler and it was her night wear of choice, so when she would pack her overnight bag this is what she always chose. Well she was at her Granny and Papa's and she went up to put on her night wear and when she came down her Granny said "well Amy, I do believe you have outgrown that robe and gown, it use to be touching the floor and now it is way above your knee's", Amy looked down and said "Oh Granny you know it's been in the family for years, it's a keeper!" Needless to say Granny got a chuckle from that and could not wait to call and pass that little 'Amyism' on. The Gardenia Tree is like the robe and nightgown it's been in the family for years and is definitely a keeper! I have never given 'her' a name but I have decided to call her Soliloquy because she is a stand alone kind of lady, that provides for herself, makes a statement, while keeping her purpose always the same to provide a vision of beauty and delight to all who behold her radiance.
Creamy white ready to burst open

Sweet Gardenia Blossom

'Soliloquy' a lady of stand alone beauty

Stinging Nettles
Poison Ivy
I am nearly 68 years young and have been quite fortunate to not have had a personal run in with a devious and nasty plant called poison ivy, but this week to my dismay my luck ran out. I was out front tussling with an influx of red-bud trees in my flower bed and reached to grab the little suckers  and without thinking managed with my gloveless hands to also tug on a poison ivy plant. I thought "oh great" I went and washed with soap and water immediately hoping to perhaps escape, but alas it was not the case and a week ago the itchy rash filled with it's nasty venom appeared and today I gave up on over the counter and went to the Doctor. Somehow it affected my finger, my inner forearm, and behind my left ear...totally odd I know but somehow, someway it happened. Our grandson Hunter gets eat up with it every year, as did our brother Butch but this is my first and I want to make sure it is my last encounter.  When we were living in England, we rented a lovely home with a large yard with flower beds galore. Our Dad had us outside with him to clean out the flower beds and there was these terrible plants called stinging nettles that I ran into, it was like I had been eaten up and the pain was like nothing I had ever experienced then or since. The rash went on for weeks and  I have made sure to stay away from that unfriendly plant..
Behind the ear

inner forearm

finger's top and inside

The remedy's....
As I walked around the yard today I was thankful to see floral offerings of  Easter Lilies blooming, as well as a yellow bloomer, with the orange day lilies loaded with blooms and the wisteria as well as the rosemary offering up their individual fragrance's. I had no tangling with poisonous plants today which is more to my liking, and my bed sheets too are grateful, they have been washed so many times this week, to ward off the leavings from the rash, that the striped pattern have almost been washed off!
Yellow Day Lily

Easter Lily a gift from son 5 years ago

Orange Day Lilies ready to pop

Wisteria on their second blooming

Just so I end on a positive and uplifting note...Yesterday I was craving an old time Custard Pie, so I made one...It turned out quite well. I shared with The Wiseman family and I got a thumbs up...so it was worth the effort.
Tangling with Summer is going to be interesting...so bring it on Mother Nature, I will do my best to make it through...

Grandma's Custard Pie


"I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me."



Friday, January 6, 2017

...Snowy Day Remembering's...

This first week of January 2017 has brought a lovely snow shower to end the week. Looking out my window, as I do most days, today frames the 'Old Man in the Tree' with snow flakes gently falling all around, while the moss on the Chinese Elm catches the snow making for enhanced shadows on this Lane Home Place stalwart that is as much apart of this place as the family that has loved and lived here for 38 years.

A window with a view

East Tennessee is known for it's unpredictable weather pattern's; in reality it is a hard to predict area because of the mountains, the valley's and the rivers that surround us. There have been years when we have had harsh and heavy snowfalls and years where spring comes early and then we are surprised by a late winter.
'Old Man in the Tree' keeping watch so loyal is he

Big Daddy Lane Creation's silent now...waiting...

For me personally I enjoy the beauty of snow, as long as my creature comforts are taken care of and I am cozy. For the most part I am a gad about type A personality. My Mom use to say although they named me Linda Sue, they should have named me Linda 'gotta go', because I had such an overactive metabolism, I desired to be active and on the go, never tiring even to sleep. Eventually as in most human beings, my age and the wear and unhealthy abuse of my body has now caught up with my metabolism and I am more content to get'er done early and content to lounge at home in the evening.

Snow days at Lane Home Place were always fun days. It was days of lazy laying around, laughing, making tent forts, playing with lego's, playing in the snow, hot chocolate with marshmallow cream, snow cream (only after the first snow) a blazing fire in the fire place to warm your frozen behind's after sledding and making snow angels, a pot of chili or homemade soup bubbling away on the stove. Days when Curt could take off of work he would, when we were all shacked up together in the house just enjoying being a family! Of course there was the year when the pipes froze, the pressure regulator blew a gasket and Curt and Chris were under the house chasing a leak for hours until finally we called a Plumber who came at 11:00 at night and had her fixed in a snap. Fun times indeed.

When I get the old Western Clipper Sled down to decorate at Christmas the memories of Curt, Chris and Amy sledding down the icy roads of Maida Vale make me smile with delight and their precious voices come echoing back as if only yesterday.
The Lane Western Clipper...a little worse for wear but I bet it can still fly..
When I was in high school my family lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My Dad was stationed there during his last tour of duty in The USAF. Wyoming was the land of snow. It sometimes began in September and the year I graduated in 1967 it snowed on June 15th. So I have been acquainted with big snow days. The wind in Wyoming is a factor for blizzards and we lived in a two story townhome that backed up to a massive empty field where sagebrush constantly was tossed into our back yard. The snow would pile so heavily against the back of our house that if I could have managed it I could have had a ski run from my bedroom window straight out to the field...School was never called for a snow day, work was on and life on the wide open plains was ongoing. Those days with my parents, and my brothers were days of togetherness. We only had each other and the friends that were like family. Military families do not have the closeness of relatives so they have to rely on one another. When we would have friends over on the week-ends our Mom would usually make pancakes. Which my friend  Maggie still remembers with great glee, because she made them for her  and not for Butch's friend who stayed the next week-end.
The Francis E. Warren entrance.
Curt was one of the Air Police that stood in the little box in the middle

Cheyenne, Wyoming where I met and married my true love. A young man from southern California, who was in the Air Police, stationed at Francis E.      Warren AFB, having recently been stationed at Wildwood AFB in Kenia, Alaska. We met at my friend's Lynda Lawson's house, where he and his friend Dix played their guitar's and banjo's and entertained us. Soon afterwards we began dating. One evening as the dusk was settling in, he drove me out to Round Top Lake, which was situated behind Francis E Warren AFB, in his spanking new Red Malibu Super Sport. When we arrived he played his 12 string guitar and sang a song he wrote for me...I was smitten by his tenderness, his genuine loving and caring attitude, along with his beautiful smile, tenor vocals, and his large, strong but gentle hands. The name of the song was called "I've only Kissed You Once", I said afterwards " but you have never kissed me." and he said " Ah yes I know...but I want too!" The rest is history as the saying goes. I found after 41 years of marriage that my original evaluation of this man was remarkably accurate and true. He was a God given gift of the heart forever and always, and we were blessed with a son and daughter, and now have two grandson's and two granddaughter's as a legacy because of God's gift 

One of Curt's passions digging bottles

This is how I remember him when we first met,
Shetland Jacket, Cowboy boots, and Hat
 it suited him...

My favorite...those were the days...we thought they would never end...

1968 Chevrolet Malibu Super Sport
Wedding Day March 27, 1969
Greely, Colorado

So as usual my hands have relayed from my heart what perhaps my mouth could not speak, on a snowy day in East Tennessee memories have come a calling and another story shared of days long ago. Tears of joy and of sorrow at having had it all and now only the memories of a young true love, that became so much more...Missing you Big Boy...in your month of January the month of your alpha and your omega. Knowing you are within the almighty presence of YAWHEHfills me with inner peace and allows me to continue on with this earthly life.